Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Should You Wait For a Flood to Call the Water Damage Repair Company?

In the United States alone, damage accounts for over 25 percent of all home insurance claims, with more than 37 percent homeowners admitting to loss of property due to extensive water damage. All sources of this damage leave tell-tale signs around the place. The trick lies in being able to detect these signs and initiating water damage repair before it is too late.

water damage

Water stains on the ceilings or a wet spot under the kitchen sink could develop into something bigger, such as a weakened roof or a rotten floor board. So learn to recognize the first sign of damage which is almost always evident for everyone to notice but rarely catches the attention of homeowners until all hell has been broken loose in the living room. The most obvious signs of moisture build-up that can eventually escalate to damage are drippy faucets or shower heads, water stains on the roof or walls, damp surface areas, unusual humidity or coolness in a particular room and a distinct odor of mildew. If your home or a particular room in the house begins to smell of molds, it is high time you hire a Water Damage Repair Company to arrest the initial stages of destruction.

Some believe the expertise of a Damage Restoration Company is required only during floods or similar natural disasters. Even trivial water leaks that could lead to a mammoth destruction should be brought to the attention of restoration companies who will not only help you identify the source of the leak but also restore your property to its pre-incident state. There are plenty of damage restoration companies in the U.S. and the services they offer are based on reliable restoration principles coupled with research, practical experience and extensive consultation gathered from numerous sources. Most of these companies provide water damage repair services, mold remediation service, flood damage cleanup, interior restoration as well as fire and smoke cleanup for both residential and commercial properties.