Wed. Jul 8th, 2020

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This gallery contains sexual content and descriptions not suited for children. From the 3D-printed to the Bluetooth-enabled, sex toys svakom are getting very, very smart. See the latest to hit bedrooms and beyond.

How smart is your sex?

Warning: This gallery contains sexual content and descriptions not suited for children.

Vibrators have always vibrated, but technology is making today’s remote sex toys svakom a lot further. We’re talking 3D-printed robot masturbation aids, interactive Kegel exercisers, and more racy gadgets. Some of them look so stealth you can’t even tell they’re about sex toys svakom.

As part of Turned On, CNET’s special report exploring the intersection of sex and technology, we’ve updated this gallery to include some of the latest smart toys hitting bedrooms and beyond.

Pictured here is the Lovenuts, a vibrator that can also be used as a flashlight.

Love nuts

The Lovenuts was an undercover vibrator previously seeking funding on Indiegogo under the Indiegogo After Dark umbrella. It looked like a little acorn, fits in your hand, and can be used as a flashlight.

Once paired with an app on your phone, it’s a discreet wireless, remote-controlled vibrator.

Smart condom

The i.Con Smart Condom, which markets itself as the “world’s first smart condom,” is actually a ring that fits over a boring, dumb condom and claims to track the exercise of your man bits, as well as to detect chlamydia and syphilis.

Lioness vibrator

The Lioness app-enabled vibrator has a stated goal of offering “new ways to learn and explore your own body for better pleasure and health.” The Lioness uses temperature, motion, and pressure sensors to collect information on how your body responds.

Lora DiCarlo Osé

The Use from company Lora DiCarlo taps robotics to provide women with hands-free blended orgasms that involve both the clitoris and G-spot. It does this through micro-robotics meant to mimic human touch in place of vibrations. It is not yet available for purchase.

MysteryVibe Crescendo

The MysteryVibe Crescendo vibrator can be contorted into multiple shapes, charges wirelessly, and is crafted from silky high-grade silicone.

It has six motors, each of which can be controlled individually from the MysteryVibe app. The app also lets people create custom vibration patterns for themselves or a partner.



Eva 2 by Dame Products

Two women invented the Eva wearable women’s toy as an answer to male-oriented, vibrating rings. After a sensational run on Indiegogo, Eva won praise for its hands-free, female-friendly design.

The device charges via USB. It’s supposed to be worn during intercourse and the site claims it gives “vulvas the clitoral stimulation they want during sex.” With its retractable “arms,” it is meant to stay in place and stimulate the clitoris.

Fin by Dame Products

Dame also produces the Fin, a small vibrator made to be worn between the fingers. Water-resistant, it too is rechargeable via USB.


The Fiera Arouser for Her from Nuelle is an intimacy enhancer meant to help women become aroused by providing stimulation and gentle suction.