Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

iPhone Repair for a Shattered or Broken Screen and iPhone Water Damage Repair

What to do when you break the screen of your iPhone or drop your iPhone in liquid. There are many repair options available, so choosing the right one can make the difference between a fixed phone or a frustrating experience.

I take it if you are reading this article, your iPhone has probably seen better days. Not to worry, there are many safe and proven ways to restore your device back to pristine condition.

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A very common issue with the iPhone – due to the large, glass touchscreen – is some sort of a cracked or shattered screen as a result of dropping the phone. Although your phone may look like it will never turn on again, many times they do, and people try using them in this condition.

THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA, both because you can cut yourself on the glass, but more importantly, you may damage your phone further either through liquid damage, or LCD damage. Both of these issues will greatly increase the cost for your iPhone Repair.

The best thing to do is get the phone fixed right away. It may seem like spending $60 or so on repair is unfair, especially if your phone is still under manufacturer warranty, but unfortunately, Apple does not cover customer caused damage, including shattered screens and water damage.

With an online option for iPhone Repair, you can actually ship your device in without leaving your home. By receiving a free estimate, you can make sure that the total cost of repair is within your budget and something that you want to proceed with.