Sat. May 30th, 2020

How to Avoid Rust Spots in Your Bathroom

Any metal container inside your bathroom are very much susceptible to corrosion. As we all know, corrosion is a process where in water (or moisture), iron in metal, and oxygen interact together to undergo a chemical reaction whereby rust is form. The resulting product or iron oxide is relatively difficult to remove. Similarly, rust stain removal is also a tough process.

When we take a bath, we all have these metal containers in our bathroom (shaving foam cans, metallic soap dispensers and the like). Since our bathroom is so full of water, moisture is more likely to be retained. When moisture and oxygen are present, corrosion will definitely take place.

The most likely to corrode in our bathroom are shaving foam metal cans. It is really quite unpleasant to see rust stains in our bathroom. The reddish to brownish discoloration that is associated with rust stains are simply unaesthetic. How do you maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom countertop or bath cabinet and remove these stains? Follow these simple steps.

First is to eliminate the source of these stains. Only buy shaving foams which are packaged with a flat plastic lid. Those without a lid may do provided a flat top. These shaving foam cans usually come in metal in order to keep the pressure inside the container well confined. Pressurized container allow for easy dispersal giving you the right consistency (foamy) shaving cream. So never (or seldom) would you find shaving foam containers made of plastic.

Be sure to always lay your cans upside down so that the plastic lid will come in contact with your bath counter and thereby reducing the possibilities of staining. The metal may rust, though, but it won’t stain your countertop or your cabinet if placed this way. Voila! You will no longer see stubborn rust on your Rust Prevention bath cabinets! You eliminated the source which is the number 1 solution for this problem.

Air fresheners which are usually stored in your bathrooms can also cause this rust staining. One good alternative if you can’t find a can with a plastic lid, you may use any lid from a yogurt container or a potato chip. Just make sure that the lid fits well on your can. Or you can also purchase lids available at your local convenience store. They are more sturdy and they are usually holed. This is much more preferable as this will allow escape of excess moisture and water easily.

If, for some reasons, the stain is already there, then you have no choice but to deal with this using rust removal products. You have to deal with this immediately as you don’t want to wait for it to damage your bathroom items. You may use organic rust removers with the stains for a safer treatment. These products effectively eliminate the stains and they even protect the surface from rust stains. Rust remover products can be purchased online.