The Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

The Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

There are few smells that can be as pleasant as the smell of fresh oranges, and that’s why orange essential oil exists. Taking the smell of oranges and putting it into liquid form is doing wonders to bring this intoxicating aroma into the home of anyone who desires it. But you may be surprised to find out that the smell of orange essential oil holds a number of benefits that you probably never even thought of. Here’s a quick look at some of the most surprising benefits that orange essential oil can offer.

Anxiety Relief

Orange essential oil holds the secret ability to help ease anxiety and calm you down. Because of this, the oil has become quite popular in aromatherapy, and is used to lift people’s moods and assist in total relaxation. The reason we feel an emotional uplift when we smell orange essential oil is because smell is closely tied to memory, and it’s likely we all have a good memory associated with the smell of fresh oranges. Orange essential oil also helps to turn off stress hormones such as cortisol. So the next time you are stressed about that big business presentation you need to make, or have an important job interview coming up, try using orange essential oil to calm yourself down.

Anti-inflammatory and Antiseptic Powers

Orange essential oil is also a great anti-inflammatory for both internal and external use. Apply some to your skin to lessen redness and swelling, or ingest some to ease discomfort caused by gas or an upset stomach. The same properties of orange essential oil that fight inflammation also make it a great pain reliever. On top of all this, the oil can be sued to limit microbial growth on a cut or scrape and therefore prevent infection.

Diuretic Power

If you suffer from urination problems, you’ll want to pay attention to this one. Orange essential oil can be used as an effective diuretic, and ingesting some can help in getting your body back on track to a healthy urination cycle.

Circulation Improvement

Orange essential oil is a natural remedy for high blood pressure and has been shown to improve blood flow and alleviate hypertension. These are two of the biggest contributors to heart disease, making the oil a great way to combat this leading cause of death in North America. Having better blood flow will also help increase libido, manage headaches, and lesson symptoms related to PMS.

Natural Insecticide

Believe it or not, orange essential oil is useful for getting rid of pesky insects such as houseflies. Many household insecticides include ingredients such as orange peel, and you can even make your own insecticide at home by combining orange essential oil with distilled water and witch hazel.

Kitchen Cleaner

Just like household insecticides, many household kitchen cleaning products now include orange peel in their ingredients, making orange essential oil even more versatile and valuable. To make your own cleaning solution at home, combine a few drops of orange essential oil with some distilled white vinegar in a 4 oz spray bottle. Using this non-toxic cleaning solution will leave your kitchen sparkling!

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