5 Benefits of Essential Oil Diffusers

5 Benefits of Essential Oil Diffusers

How Essential Oil Diffusers Improve Your Home

There are various health properties of essential oil diffusers that make them a must have for your home. Using diffusers for essential oils is better because it is faster for the oil molecules to reach your brain through smell, plus it is cheaper and your entire family can benefit from it.

Cold air diffusers are the best option for essential oil diffusers. A therapeutic grade ultrasonic nebulizer, like the zenith cold air nebulizer, allows for the essential oil vapors to be dispersed without actually heating the oil. This is healthier as the oil compounds do not get damaged by heating.

The benefits of essential oils are also endless, but we have narrowed them down to the top five reasons why you should bring these aromatherapy diffusers home.

Air Purification

Air fresheners don’t purify the air, they only hide the smell. Essential oils eliminate odors while also purifying the air of your home. Get an essential oil diffuser that has an easy to install oil container,the benefit to that is you choose the oils you wish to diffuse or your personal blend. Any essential oil you enjoy will enhance the quality of the air, though my personal favorites for deodorizing are Lemon, Lemongrass and Citrus Ovation.


Energy Boost

Essential oils have antioxidant and anti microbial properties that help your body get rid of toxic build up, strengthen your immunity and even reduce food cravings. Essential oils are a natural medicine  that help you defend against germs, drive away bugs and prevent fungal growth, all of which contributes to improved health. Be sure to get certified organic oils and our therapeutic oil blends to get the proper benefits.

Better Mood, Better Mind

Essential oils can help relieving stress and anxiety through their therapeutic characteristics. A research done in Thailand showed that there are certain blends of essential oils that trigger physical and emotional responses for relaxation. Lavender essential oils are the most common recommendation.

By stabilizing your mood, aromatherapy diffusers make your mind sharper and more alert. With a more alert mind, you are able to function better throughout your day.

Improved Sleep

Essential oil diffusers can also help you with your insomnia. Special blends have been proven to reduce sleeping problems. It is better to get an aromatherapy diffuser which allows you to set the aroma concentration and running time, so that you don’t have to worry about your diffuser as you sleep.

Improved Breathing

The anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils help improve your respiratory system by clearing up your clogged airways. If you, or your family, have allergies or breathing issues, then use different essential oils in the commonly used rooms of your home. A therapeutic grade ultrasonic nebulizer with the proper blend of essential oils can help improve your breathing significantly.

If you want to bring home an aroma therapy diffuser that gives you both the health and aesthetic benefits of essential oils, then try our cold air nebulizer. By incorporating the therapeutic properties of essential oils in your home, the cold air diffusion helps you improve your body, mind and spirit.






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