Benefits of Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Benefits of Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Many of us are familiar with the wonders of cinnamon bark, but the use of the leaf is less known.  It has similar properties to the oil from the bark of the Cinnamon tree, but since it’s less refined, it’s easier for more of us to afford.  Let’s take a look at the benefits of this wonderfully fragrant and useful oil.

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

This yellow tinted, lighter oil makes an excellent addition to your skincare routine.

Add it to a gentle scrub made with sugar and avocado oil to brighten your skin.  Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil is antibacterial, so it helps reduce acne and blackheads, and can reduce the risk of infections and rashes.  You can also add it to your shampoo.  It will help make your hair healthier and stronger, and due to its antibacterial action, can help anyone infected with lice.  It will also condition the scalp, so you’ll notice a reduction in dandruff.

Using Cinnamon Leaf Oil diffused in a room can give you a mental and emotional boost.  It can reduce stress and anxiety, and lend a soothing, relaxing aroma to your home.  In a smaller diffuser, it’s great in a high-stress office setting.  This oil is also helpful against respiratory infections, relieving chest congestion and the symptoms of bronchitis.

The eugenol content of Cinnamon Leaf Oil is effective in helping those with digestive complaints.  It can reduce nausea and upset stomachs.  It also helps to balance the function of the digestive organs, and many people have gotten relief from constipation as well.  Don’t add it to your foods or teas though, using this oil in a diffuser or applied to the skin will be effective.

One of my favorite ways to use it, is as  a cinnamon mouthwash.  Use just one drop of cinnamon oil to a glass of purified water and gargle. the same can be done with Clove Bud Essential Oil. This will kill the bacteria that can cause bad breath and gingivitis, and plaque will have a harder time sticking to your teeth.  Plus, your mouth will taste pleasantly of cinnamon!

The antibacterial nature of Cinnamon Leaf Oil means that you can use it to disinfect your laundry.  If you have small children or pets, this is great to add to the detergent you already use.  A little goes a long way, you only need a drop or two per load.  And don’t worry, it doesn’t stain your clothes.


Cinnamon leaf EO bug repellent


It also makes a great insect repellent. To make a diluted 1 percent solution, mix 2 drops of oil for every 4 ounces of water. You can spray the fluid onto your skin or clothing, around your home.



Note that Cinnamon Leaf Oil should be used on the skin only cautiously and well-diluted, with something like Avocado Oil or Jojoba oil.  When you begin to use it, you may be tempted to add more than a couple of drops.  Don’t!  It’s a very powerful oil.  While it can be used on the face, and has shown great benefit, make sure to keep it away from the eyes, as it can be irritating.

A concentrated dose of cinnamon oil on your skin can be irritating, so be careful. Always do a small patch test first.

Unless you’ve been directly advised by a healthcare professional, this is not an oil that you should consume.

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