Essential Oils The Home Kit

Essential Oils The Home Kit

The-Basic-6-oils-home-kit-300x113Most everyone uses essential oils for diffusing and that their aromas truly help bring our spirits up and sometimes, depending on the oil, help our pressure come down. That’s called “aromatherapy” and has become more and more popular within the past years. Some use it as a “traditional” healing medicine and others simply use it for relaxation purposes.
What most people don’t know is that essential oils can be used for many other purposes. At Aroma Oil Diffusers we offer a collection of 6 beautiful aromas that may be used for much more than diffusing. We call it the”Home Kit”.
You will be surprised to find out what people are actually using these oils for. Sometimes, all you need is essential oils in your cabinet to solve everyday problems and/or situations.

Here are some creative uses of our home kit.

Lavender is probably the most popular essential oil today. It s mostly used for its relaxation virtues. However, it so much more than that.
Dab a few droplets into the palm of your hands and rub them together. Rubbing the oil under your feet will also enhance your sleep. Inhale the aroma before going to sleep and even put a few drops on your pillow and you will be in sleep heaven.
If you plan on going camping this summer, don’t forget your bottle of lavender. You never know what could bite you. Bugs can get annoying and when we get bit by them, it stings. By massaging a drop of Lavender on the spot 3 things will happen, it will disinfect the wound, it will reduce the sting and will promote faster healing.
Cold sores can be very aggravating and even more embarrassing. Put a little bit of lavender oil on the cold sore as soon as you feel it coming out and there is a great chance that it will disappear after repeating this a few times.
Just a few drops of lavender mixed with some Aloe Vera or a little carrier oil will sooth your sunburn and bring rapid healing to dry skin, minor cuts and scrapes.

Many cosmetic companies use lemongrass in their skin care products so it’s no secret that lemongrass is very beneficial for the skin. Its citrus smell is also very refreshing. When it really comes down to it, lemongrass is much similar to lavender in terms of it’s healing benefits. Combine a few drops of Lemongrass essential oil to a carrier oil and apply as massage. It reduces pain and inflammation in muscles and joints.
Lemongrass oil can fight bacteria and can help to treat cold and flu especially when used with a vaporizer. If your body temperature is higher than normal, lemongrass oil can have a cooling effect.
Although not many people know this, it is pretty popular to pet owners. If you have animals that go outside, you probably verify them for fleas every now and then, right? Well, if ever you should tragically find some unwanted friends in its fur, get rid of your pet’s fleas and lice by spraying diluted lemongrass oil all over his coat.You can also soak his collar in it, add it to his final rinse after shampooing, or spray it on his bedding.


Tea Tree:
Tea tree oil has to be the oil that smells the most exhilarating. This is why so many of us use it as a home cleaning product. It’s simple. Put a few drops into a spray bottle and spray. Your home will be smelling like it has just been re energized! It’s perfect for spring cleaning.
We already determined that lavender and lemongrass are very popular in the cosmetic industry but so is tea tree oil. It can help reduce acne, skin infections, fungal infections, cold sores and it also removes skin tags.
Helps to prevent lice naturally, just add a few drops to your shampoo.
Put it directly on bug bite (Mosquito, Spider, etc.) it is more effective at healing infections than conventional antiseptic.
Perhaps you are thinking of going on vacation to visit a warm and sunny beach? Well, it would only be natural for us to tell you not to forget to spray the room to purify the air of mold and allergens.
Athletes love peppermint essential oil to help soothe their aching muscles. Its calming and cooling effect really helps. They also use it to increase their energy levels prior to competitions.
Massage on bottom of feet and chest area to improve breathing or fight off infections.
If you have a secondary home, holiday trailer, cottage or even a boat and use it on week ends, you know that you don’t have much control of what happens when you’re not there. As a bug repellent: Ants, beetles, cockroaches, mice, spiders all hate peppermint. Simply combine peppermint and lavender oil in bowl, add sponge cut in 3 cubes, mix to make sure sponge pieces have some of the oil on it and distribute the cubes at random in your dwelling, not only does it smell nice but those little critters will stay away. This needs to be repeated every couple of weeks but it does do the trick.
Sweet Orange:
You won’t be surprised to find out that sweet orange oil is found in products that we use everyday such as house cleaning products, lotions, soaps and shampoos. This is probably because of the disinfecting effect and its antibacterial properties, not to mention its delicious aroma. When diluted Sweet Orange Oil is a great way to clean kitchen appliances, counter tops, cutting boards without the use of bleach or harsh chemicals found in most products.
This delightful aroma is also known to help get rid of headaches simply by rubbing a drop or two on the temples. Time is of the essence in this case as the effect is not instant. It helps the blood circulate better and this is why, it is also used to help improve libido in both men and women.
Sweet orange essential oil is phototoxic and should not be used before exposure to the sun. Avoid first 3 months of pregnancy.
Eucalyptus Smithii:
Eucalyptus Smithii essential oil is most likely the ultimate oil for stimulation because of its aroma. If you have children, this would be the best oil to use as it is the mildest of the types of eucalyptus oils.
Children, when they are at a young age, tend to get sick and catch all of the viruses around them. Parents love this oil for helping heal their babies’ coughs, colds and throat infections. Combining a few drops with a carrier oil and massaging near the affected area helps tremendously. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention that it will also help them sleep a lot better. That’s a great thing for both the baby and the parents.
This “home kit” completes the most popular and desired essential oils on the market. If you are starting from scratch and would like a starter kit for your home, this is what we recommend.

The Home Kit Aroma Oil Diffusers

To try it is to adopt it.

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