Celebration of Love – St-Valentine’s

Celebration of Love – St-Valentine’s

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Valentine’s day is known as the feast of St-Valentine. It is what we call today, the “celebration of love”. It is celebrated in almost every country around the world. Valentine’s day is surrounded by many legends.

No one really knows how it came about or who St-Valentine really was. However, it is said, in most historical documents, that there were actually 3 Saints that went by that name. It has never really been officialized as to which one is the true story.

Celebration of love St Valentine

During the Middle Ages, it was a conventional belief that birds paired in mid-February. This was then associated with the romance of Valentine. Although all these legends may differ in ways, Valentine’s day is celebrated by millions of couples wishing nothing other than to express their love to one another.

On this special occasion, a great way to have some heart friendly and mood enhancing benefits is through a diffuser dispersing their therapeutic effects the healing power of smell. A person’s sense of smell is tied to the area of emotion and memory in the brain; consequently, a particular pleasing scent can recreate wonderful feelings associated with a pleasurable past experience. Spicy scents can definitely make an individual feel energized, while light floral scents can put you in a sensual and relaxed mood.


That’s what aromatherapy does to us. It enhances our mood. It reminds us of special moments of the past that we, for different personal reasons, never want to let go of.

Using essential oils for therapy is something that we are all familiar with. But, have you ever thought of using it to entice your loved one? As our beautiful romantic memories pass through our brain, they trigger chemicals that our bodies need in order to feel relaxed ignited.

With that being said, particular oils can be chosen in order to cause a specific effect on the mind and body.

We have a question for you. What is it exactly that you would like to ignite with your loved one on this special day? Is it simply setting the field for a feeling of love? Is it setting the ambiance in order to spark up the passion that you have for each other? Regardless of your goals and desires that day, essential oils have been used for ages in order to help increase libido, desire and passion in couples.

Aroma Oil Diffusers certified essential Oils can be placed in any  aroma diffuser to create a seductive atmosphere in your home. Try combining Cedarwood, Clary Sage and Geranium essential oils in your diffuser. Try diffusing Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang in your bedroom half hour before bedtime.

But on Valentine’s Day a sensuous aromatherapy massage is probably the most enjoyable way for you and your partner to enjoy the seductive power of odors because of the sensuality of touch. And you don’t need to do a full body massage either, because a back massage can be just as seductive, or if you prefer, try a neck and shoulder massage.Have you ever thought of choosing a special blend and making your own massage oil with it? Lavender and Bergamot help to reduce the day’s stress while Geranium  essential oil promotes tranquility Clary Sage balances hormones and help evoke feeling of euphoria. A good carrier oil is always recommended. (I personally like Jojoba Oil, it is odorless and less chances of allergies)

If this sounds like too much, you would be amazed as what a creative mix of essential oils and 1/2 cup Epson salt in a nice warm bath could do to you both. Geranium in the bath combined with Ylang Ylang or another great mix is Cedarwood and Frankincense mixed with lavender. This method helps improve circulation, relieves sore muscles, soothes the skin and improves sleep.

Let’s not forget to sprinkle of few drops on your bedroom sheets.

The Sensuous Collection of 6 essential oils

The rest, is up to you and your imagination.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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