Fall blends for your diffuser

Fall blends for your diffuser

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Fall I think must be my favorite time of the year.

Time to hit the trails and take it all in. There’s nothing more re-energizing than the scent of fresh air with the sun beaming through the colorful trees, not to mention the smell of packed undergrowth earth, the different musky smells of wood or wet leaves, or simply walking through dry leaves.

Sometimes we just can’t get out there and refresh. With our busy lifestyles and personal commitments at home, the next best thing is to bring some of the seasonal scents to your workplace or your home through the benefits of essential oils.

Here are some fall blends you might enjoy, they are meant to be used in your Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Cold Air Nebulizers. Using the oils with your nebulizer comes with the following advantages. Firstly these aroma oil diffusers produce a very powerful and immediate aroma effect without heat or water. Secondly, their core component is made of glass which means there is no plastic that can corrode when in contact with the oils. The glass bottle cleans up easily with rubbing alcohol. They are the ultimate way to experience essential oils.

Most common oils associated with fall include: Cinnamon Leaf, Clove bud, sweet orange, frankincense, cedarwood, they all have a woody smell and therefore mix well together


fall diffuser blends


Which blend do you prefer?

No matter which blend you like the most, sometimes experimenting a variety of blends in smaller quantities from your favorite scents might just be the best application for you.

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