Cirrus Aroma Diffuser the silent Cold Air Nebulizer

Cirrus Aroma Diffuser the silent Cold Air Nebulizer


Cirrus Aroma Diffuser


Cirrus Aroma Diffuser

Waterless and Silent


Enjoy this timeless and elegant diffuser with its new cutting edge Technology making this the quietest nebulizer on the market today. It is perfect for today’s modern lifestyle.


The Cirrus perfect sleek looks  is suited for any kind of décor. The perfect addition to any room.

There is no denying  the fact that in current time, you need to find innovative and unique products to keep your house or workplace fragrant and lively while being provided with all the health benefits associated with essential oils.

This high-quality diffuser uses the latest technology to nebulize essential oils. The mist is, of course, aromatic, but it also penetrates deep into the lung because of the tiny size of the molecules. The essential oil is inside the glass and holds 5-10 ounces of oil. This unit is designed to use 100% pure essential oil, unlike many diffusers, this one is very quiet. It can be used covered or uncovered.

Now you can have fresh and stimulating scents wherever you are.

This diffuser is great in a bedroom, start diffusing half hour prior to going to bed, the SleepWell Collection is perfectly suited for this diffuser.

The Cirrus also blends in very well at the office. It creates a nice uplifting and stimulating atmosphere to help you get through your day. To view  our selection of  oils click here.

The nebulizer is made out of glass, the essential oils clean up easily with rubbing alcohol. They are the ultimate way to experience essential oils and provide the following features,

Heat Free

NO Noise the quietest on the market today

Blown Glass Bottle

20-25 drops of essential oil required for proper functioning

No water

Elegant design

Interval function 5 minutes on 8 minutes off (optional)

Timer of 30, 60, 90, 120mins

Three speed: high, mid, low

Wonderful LED lamp, while diffuser is on while diffuser, is on


This diffuser uses  pure essential oils only, some oils might need to be diluted (Myrrh, Sandalwood, can be diluted with Lavender or a few of drops of rubbing alcohol or Ethanol)

Do not use carrier oils or absolutes  (too thick) and can burn the motor


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