Fight off the Cold and Flu Season with Aromatherapy

Fight off the Cold and Flu Season with Aromatherapy



The use of essential oils is important to your daily lifestyle, most of all during cold and flu season. Waiting until you’re sick to take advantage of the benefits of essential oils is a risk too large to take today.

Present day’s flu viruses are stronger, more infectious and more harmful than those of colds. They are highly contagious. A healthy immune system is crucial, if you wish to resist to the most virulent of colds and flu but if you have a weakened immune system, your body will need help to repel these onsets.

Using a Premium Grade Ultrasonic Cold Air Aromatherapy Diffuser is the ultimate way to purify your surroundings, it breaks up and disperses essential oils into micro fine particles that remain suspended in your environment for hours after diffusing. This greatly reduces the risk of spreading the cold and flu viruses from one person to another in your home or office.

The majority of Certified Organic Essential Oils are Antiseptics and Bactericides, which means they inhibit and can often kill the growth of bacteria.

Putting 15 drops of essential oils in your diffuser is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to use essential oils .When you diffuse organic essential oils, you are cleaning the air and thus creating an unfriendly environment for viruses and bacteria.

There are several essential oils that can help reduce the threat of coming in contact with cold and flu viruses and harmful bacteria. Some of the most common and popular oils include Peppermint it improves breathing by fighting respiratory and sinus infections. Lavender oil inhibits the spread of virus and bacteria because it is an antiseptic agent, an antiviral agent, and a bactericide. Not only is Lavender excellent to help you relax, de-stress and reduce anxiety levels, it is an excellent decongestant and it relieves headaches and sore muscles. FrankincenseĀ  is finally getting all the attention it deserves. This oil has been successfully used to treat issues related to digestion, immune system, oral health, respiratory problems and stress relates problems. You can rub this oil behind ears and neck to improve immunity. A great expectorant which helps cleanse your body of toxins is the Eucalyptus` globulus or Smithii (considered the mildest of the eucalyptus family, great for seniors and young children) and of course Tea Tree inhaled regularly improves congestion and respiratory track infections.

Other essential oils that are great for fighting cold and flu bugs just as important as the ones mentioned above include Cinnamon leaf, Cedarwood, Clove Bud, Holy Basil, Rosemary, Thieves Oil, and Thyme.

Before reaching for those over the counter cold and flu medications, remember that with aromatherapy, you can discourage and prevent the risk of getting sick this season. If you do get sick, remember that essential oils are a great way to reduce the symptoms that come with cold and flu. They help you breathe, clear your head, reduce aches and pains, and most importantly, they will help you rest and let your body fight the good fight, naturally.

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