Maintenance of your Aromatherapy Cold Air Nebulizer Diffusers

Maintenance of your Aromatherapy Cold Air Nebulizer Diffusers

This weeks post is related to questions I received about the maintenance of the Cold Air Nebulizer Diffusers


Adding you oil: Place the essential oil bottle against the inner lip of the diffuser bottle, put in 10-20 drops of 100% essential oil into the bottle. Do not allow oil to fill above the top of the glass tubes inside the diffuser bottle as oil will leak into the base of the motor damaging it.

The amount of Oil added to your diffuser will vary on the timer options you chose, 10 drops for 1-hour option, 15 drops for 4 hours option, some people like to diffuse all day or mostly all night and you might not want the same blend the following day. What do you do with left over oil if any?

I have an 8-hour diffuser in my office, I use it to diffuse different blends throughout the day. In the morning, I might need a focusing blend so I will add 10 drops knowing I will add calming oils as the day goes on. I often have leftover from the day before, diluting it with a couple drops of Lavender will work just fine. I also on occasion will use 2 drops from dropper of rubbing alcohol, that also works well.

Nebulizer will run on a 10 minutes On and 10 minutes Off cycle for a total of 1-4-8 hours and will shut off automatically. Our newest addition is the 12 hours continuous then stops after the 12hour runtime. Some folks do not like timer options, the 12 hour continuous is meant for you, just make sure there is enough oil to accommodate the time frame, on a low-intensity 20-25 drops will do the trick.

Only use 100% essential oil. Do not use blends as they are thicker and will overheat the motor.

Oils labeled as pure may not be 100% pure essential oil. Be sure to check the label on the bottle.

Oils that do not diffuse in this diffuser without being diluted include Myrrh, Sandalwood oil, Benzoin Oil, all absolutes. You can dilute them by adding a couple of drops of Lavender or some rubbing alcohol.


Maintaining and cleaning your Diffuser

Your diffuser is easy to maintain and will last a long time if properly cared for. Keep a bottle of 90% rubbing alcohol handy when using the diffuser. Alcohol should be used to clean the bottle regularly to keep the oil from thickening and clogging the diffuser tubes. Alcohol can also be used to wipe off the wood base.


To fast clean the bottle between oil changes:

  • Remove the bottle from the base and dispose of the remaining oil.
  • Drop 10 drops of rubbing alcohol into the bottle and put the bottle back on base.
  • Diffuse the alcohol for 30 seconds then dispose of the remaining fluid.
  • Run the unit for another few minutes to clear out any remaining alcohol.


To deep clean the bottle:

Remove it from base, place in a cup and pour in enough rubbing alcohol to fill the small tubes inside.

Soak the bottle and cap overnight or as long as necessary.

Using water to clean your unit will leave spots on the inside of your diffuser bottle.

**This diffuser is for indoor only

Input voltage 100V to 240V ac50-60 Hz

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