Can Essential Oils Be Addictive

Can Essential Oils Be Addictive


A friend of mine triggered this blog post, She relayed to me her daughters love of oils or rather the smell of them, and as soon as the little one has a little cough she runs to her mother and expects Mummy to put some of that medicine on her. So her question was Can essential oils be addictive?


Girl lavender essential oil benefit



Many things are said about essential oils. Are they just quack medicine or are they really effective? How to pick the essential oil for you and choose from all those fancy names? Do they stain? But mostly, do they have any side-effects and can they be addictive?

I understand, with so many bad examples of addictions around is, it’s natural to ask yourself whether using essential oils isn’t just another addiction that may trigger so many unpleasant side effects alongside.

However, I have to assure you that pure essential oils can be used safely when used with reasonable care. For instance, even overdosing on carrots can have side-effects (turning orange for example), this is why, when used with equilibrium and moderation, essential oils might just be the best alternative route to take.

I always recommend a patch test when starting a new oil and consulting with someone who has the knowledge and experience will also provide a benefit. You might have some reaction to a specific oil. Sometimes people confuse the real beneficial effect of the oils with allergic reaction. Maybe you’ve heard of cases when a person using essential oils breaks out in a rash or gets stuffed up, but this is merely the healing or cleansing crisis when using essential oils.You must understand that during the cleansing or healing process when toxins leave the body may cause inflammation, rashes and other reactions that in fact are signs that the body is purifying and not side-effects. What you can do in this situation is lowering the dosage or change with another essential oil, then pause and try again in 72 hours.

Another reason why this happens is that, having such small molecules, essential oils penetrate faster the damaged cells in our body and can immediately get busy with repairing the cells and their membranes. Frankincense being one of them . And this is something that modern medicine and synthetic drugs didn’t manage to accomplish so far. Don’t get me wrong , We must be very thankful for modern medicine, but there is a time and place for it. Scientists are just now tapping into the wonderful and powerful worlds of essential oils in hopes to cure all types of diseases.

But the ultimate question is: Can essential oils be addictive? We know they are nature’s way of providing our healing, they are non-intrusive as modern drugs and at the same time anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-infectious, antitumoral , anti-parasitic, and antiseptic you might want to turn them into your everyday routine. Why?

Addiction is bad as long as the object of your addiction is harmful to you. , and using them or not is but a personal choice just like drinking 8 glasses of water per day. And it’s healthy!

let thy oils be thy medecine

So are they addictive?   Yep… And in a good way.


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