Can Essential Oils Calm Emotions?

Can Essential Oils Calm Emotions?

Sheds light on their new ultrasonic nebulizing diffusers.

Out of all five human senses, the sense of smell is the only one that is directly linked to our emotional control center within the brain. Scents are powerful and can be used to impact our emotions and our body’s physical response. Noses are able to detect scents when tiny molecules evaporate from an object and enter the nose. Essential oils evaporate at room temperature and its molecules come into the air quickly.


When we inhale essential oils, the molecules that come through the nose send messages throughout the body. The body’s receptors then transfer the information to the brain which affects our emotions, mood, and body.

Ultrasonic nebulizing diffusers and essential oils can offer a strong yet safe form of therapy when it comes to resetting emotions or relieving stress. These oils do not come with any dangerous side effects, unlike many modern day options.

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